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Is your bedroom a sanctuary?

Most people already know your bedroom should be your sanctuary. The bedroom is a designated space to unwind and decompress from a stressful day. Here are 🔟 ways you can create the right mood in your bedroom without spending a fortune. 😌

▪️ Keep pillows fresh with a scented pillow spray

▪️ Tidy up and make sure your room is clean and clutter free

▪️ Invest in a good mattress and you will sleep like a baby

▪️ Use soft light bulbs to create a feeling of peace and calm

▪️ Put fresh blooms on your nightstand

▪️ Freshen up the walls with wallpaper or serene art

▪️ Light your favorite candle

▪️ Make it yours by decorating with photos that warm your heart

▪️ Splurge a little and upgrade your sheets to a higher thread count

▪️ Mix in soft textures and cozy throws


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