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Staging makes a huge difference!

Home Staging is about so much more than decluttering and rearranging furniture. During a Home Staging Consultation we create a plan for each room to show off it's best features to appeal to the most buyers. We want the potential buyers to fall in love with the home and imagine themselves living and entertaining in the home.

Our Home Staging Consultation lasts 1-2 hours depending on the size of the home. We equip our homeowner with a 13 page written Staging Report with all possibilities such as suggestions for paint color, lighting, flooring, curb appeal and what to add to or edit from the room so they can implement the suggestions immediately.

In one of our recent Occupied Staging installations, we helped our client make the most of this Family Room and it's amazing views of the woods outside.


One of the suggestions we offered in the consultation for this home was for the homeowner to paint the back wall a neutral color. The neutral paint color helps the fireplace blend into the room and not overpower it visually. The tones in the stone of the fireplace, flooring and wall color create a calm, cohesive look.


I never get tired of looking at Before & Afters. :) They truly show the potential of a room.


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