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Set the Stage is a full service interior design firm that designs beautiful spaces in Chicago
and the surrounding suburbs. Our aim is to enhance the interiors of a space or building
to achieve a more aesthetically pleasing environment for the end user.
We transform an outdated living room, kitchen, bathroom or any room of your home or 
business office, into a space that you will love for many years to come.
 Let our experienced team of interior designers guide you through the interior design
and remodeling process to make sure that your project ends up looking great 
with the least amount of frustration along the way.

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HOME STAGING- Occupied or Vacant
Want to get top dollar for your home?
Having your home professionally staged is the first step in connecting buyers online to your home through fantastic photos and getting offers by helping them emotionally connect to your space. We specialize in the Chicago and surrounding areas. We understand the buyer demographic and real estate market for each of these areas.
Potential buyers aren't buying houses; they are buying homes; and they are buying lifestyles. Research shows that staged homes sell for MORE money and
in a SHORTER amount of TIME.
Staging makes a house memorable and stand out in a long line of showings buyers visit
or preview online. With only 10% of buyers able to actually visualize the house's potential,
an empty house is likely setting itself up for disappointment for 90% of buyers.
Why drop the listing price when you can stage for less?
The choice to NOT stage is like leaving money on the closing table.
Our interior styling and redesign services connects your family to each space in your home,
so that it's organized, beautiful, stress-free and the perfect reflection of you!
You won't believe what we can do in a few hours simply using what you already have and love! 
Need more help? Whether you are looking to ditch the builder grade or outdated cabinets 
and counter tops that came with your new home, needing some help 
redesigning your space for resale, or looking to update your business or office space, 
you have come to the right place. 
Contact us today to set up your consultation to get started.
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